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Illinois Jurisdiction

Church of God in Christ, Inc.


EMWI Missions Strives To

Help Ugandan Children

One Village at a Time...

By Evelyn Smith

saving unresourceful minds uganda1A missions trip to Uganda, East Africa unlocked one couple’s passion to help underprivileged children one village at a time. After a mission trip to Uganda with members of the Eastern Missouri Western Illinois Jurisdiction Missions Team, God gave Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten a vision that he would adopt a little Ugandan orphan named Sarah. At the same time, another little Ugandan orphan named Grace stole Evangelist Shirley Wooten’s heart. “We initially intended to adopt one child from Uganda,” said Evangelist Wooten, wife of Bishop Wooten. God gave Bishop Wooten the name of the child we were to adopt however I saw another child that I could not get out of my heart. She kept shouting and shouting until I told my husband about her and he said ‘bring them both.’”

After sponsoring over 200 orphans in Uganda for 12 years, Bishop Wooten and his wife Evangelist Wooten have reached out again to orphans in Uganda through their Annual Eastern Missouri Western Illinois Jurisdiction (EMWI) Missions Benefit Dinner. The Third Annual African Orphanage Benefit Dinner was held at 5 p.m., Saturday, Jan. 26, at the Williams Temple Church of God in Christ Fellowship Hall. It is sponsored by the EMWI Missions Department where Evangelist Wooten is President.

The purpose is to raise funds to help support orphans and widows in Uganda, East Africa,” said International Evangelist Shirley Wooten. The proceeds from the benefit will supply orphans and widows in Uganda with food, medical, clothing, shelter and education.

Bishop Wooten and his wife, founders of the Eastern Missouri Western Illinois Jurisdiction African Orphanage Ministry in Uganda called the benefit dinner a success.

“We [EMWI Jurisdiction] are currently supporting 25 orphans in Uganda,” Bishop Wooten said. Bishop Wooten is embracing the global vision of the Church of God in Christ. That is, he is committed to helping fulfill the vision for global presence of the COGIC by Bishop Charles E. Blake Sr.—presiding bishop of the COGIC, Inc. “My wife and I heard the cry from the orphans and widows in Uganda who are dying daily of hunger and diseases,” Bishop Wooten said. “That cry is a plea to help save Africa’s children.” According to an article written by Godfrey Olukya entitled, “Uganda: HIV/AIDS Prevalence On The Rise Among Women,” HIV prevalence among women has increased markedly in Uganda and that the rate of new infections increased to 8.3 percent for women compared to 6.7 in the previous year.

“Many babies are infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) annually through mother-to-child transmission,” Evangelist Wooten said. Many orphans are orphaned due to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). According to the Uganda AIDS Orphan Children Foundation (UAOCF), Uganda has more than 2.3 million children orphaned due to the AIDS-related deaths. With a total population of more than 30 million, Uganda has the highest proportion of AIDS orphans of any country in the world."

“We need to draw attention to the plight of these orphans,” Evangelist Wooten said. AIDS has had a devastating impact on Uganda. These AIDS-related deaths have left behind millions of orphaned children." Evangelist Wooten said Ugandan children also suffer from poverty, lack of immunizations and lack of clean drinking water. “This is why they suffer from malaria, diarrhea and other respiratory infections,” Evangelist Wooten said. Bishop Wooten and his wife are heavily involved in evangelism and mission work in Uganda. In fact, they adopted two Ugandan children in 2006, Grace Sanyu, now Grace Sherita Wooten and Sarah NaKanwagi now Sarah Marcella Wooten. Grace was 16 months old and Sarah was 10 months old

“It was a long and tedious process,” Evangelist Wooten said. The children were extremely malnourished, and sick with malaria. They lived outdoors and had never received infant vaccinations, and their diets consisted mostly of corn meal mix and water.” Evangelist Wooten said Grace and Sarah had never seen a TV or car, nor had they experienced electricity or a flushing toilet. “Light bothered them a bit because they were accustomed to being in the dark for the most part,” Evangelist Wooten said. But God saw fit to choose Grace and Sarah out of thousands of children and placed them in a loving, God-fearing home where they are growing healthy and thriving academically.” Grace is now 8 years old and Sarah is now 7 years old.

Bishop Wooten said this is what it is all about — echoing the sentiment of Bishop Blake regarding saving Africa’s children. Bishop Wooten firmly believes as Bishop Blake has stated

“We as African Americans should be to Africa, as the Jews are to Israel.”

“We should reach back and help our brothers and sisters,”

Bishop Wooten said. We are our brothers’ keepers.

A World of Entertainment Radio 2000 Network

Email Sent to Lady Wooten from R2N/Founder ~

Good morning Mrs. Wooten:

I received the emails also this is what I wrote. Let me know if this is okay to say. It was a pleasure speaking with you and looking forward to having you on board. Below with your approval are words from me to place on your page once completed. I will contact you after the creation for any changes or needed info.

Saving UnResourceful Minds. S.U.M. After speaking with Mrs.Wooten,

I was deeply moved by the challenging mission of a small town in Uganda as an American family sought to save lives for youths and teens. Hoping to give a break-thru for 200 orphans under the ages of twelve is a miracle. These small towns are amongst us everyday and are growing. Our world is suffering from economic deficiencies to overcome poverty and rights to education to succeed in society.

Saving UnResourceful Minds! S.U.M.

It is time to pull together to give resources to help make life better as a whole in Uganda and for the younger generations. S.U.M. is to add and put forth all efforts in aiding resources of Agriculture, Health and Education for a better way of living. The solution starts today by revealing the resources and breaking the stronghold of the unknown barriers. I came to the conclusion after the end of our conversation to support the mission by giving a source of communication thru R2N.

It was 3:00am the next morning, awaken from a dream or more of a vision I must say. My thoughts were, "What should the title link be called?" And, "Why am I up at 3:00am in the morning thinking about this?" Regardless of what time it was I continued with numerous of titles, journey to save lives, one educated mind equals success for five, life beyond our backdoor and many others written. I kept thinking and thinking until I drifted back off to sleep. "I've got it" as I quickly arose, grabbing my cell phone to type in color note the title to represent the Wooten family's mission so I would not forget. I am heartfelt to say the least of what we all must do in aiding resources...

radio 2000 networkSaving UnResouceful Minds. S.U.M.

This sums up the solution for solving it together by:

1 Being Supportive

2 Being Visible

3 Being Proactive

4 Being a Giver and

10 adding the numbers equals a win for us all.

We are ordinary people with luxury minds driven beyond measures to equate to S.U.M. Saving UnResourceful Minds.

Best Regards,

DV Delgado /Founder

"Make It Happen"

R2N is Proactive with Community Affairs (C.A.F.)

We Pride Ourselves Giving A Helping Hand

Join Lady Wooten Movement to Uganda We Have

Saving UnResourceful Minds is Sponsored by R2N under the

Approval of Lady Wooten EMWI Williams Temple COGIC



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